GITAM School of Nursing

Visakhapatnam Campus


Programme offered

B.Sc. Nursing

Scheme of Examination

First Year
S. NoSubjectTheory(In hrs.)(Class and Lab)Practical(In hrs.)(Clinical)In Hours
4Nutrition45 + 20  
6Nursing Foundations265 + 200450 
9Introduction to computers15 + 30  
10** Hindi / Regional Language30  
11Library Work /Self Study  50
12Co-curricular activities  50
 Total Hours935450100
 Total hours = 1485hrs   

*Minimum pass marks -50%
** Optional subject

Second Year
S. No.SubjectTheory (In hrs.) (Class and Lab)Practical (In hrs.) (Clinical)In Hours
5Medical-Surgical Nursing – I210720 
6Community Health Nursing – I100135 
7Communication and Educational Technology60+30  
8Library Work / Self Study  50
9Co-curricular activities  35
 Total Hours57085585
 Total hours = 1510hrs   
Third Year
S.No.Subject Practical(In hrs.) (Clinical)In Hours
(Theory In rs.) (Class and Lab)
1Medical Surgical Nursing –II120270 
2Child Health Nursing90270 
3Mental Health Nursing90270 
4Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing40180 
5Library Work / Self Study  50
6Co-curricular activities  50
7Total Hours340990100
8Total hours = 1430 hrs   
Fourth Year
S.No.SubjectTheory (In hrs.)(Class and lab)Practical(In hrs.) (clinic)

(In Hrs.)


Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing-II & Practical60180 


Community Health Nuring –  II110135 


Nursing Research & Statistics45* 
4.Management of Nursing Services & education60+30  
 Total Hours305315 
 Total hours = 620 hrs   
Internship (Integrated Practice)Practical = 30 hours per week
S.No.SubjectTheory (In hrs.) (class and lab)Practical (In hrs) (clinic)In weeks
1.Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing 2405
2.Community Health Nursing – II 1954
3.Medical Surgical Nursing(Adult and including Geriatric) 4309
4.Child Health 1453
5.Mental Health 952
6.Research Project* 451
 Total Hours 115024
 Total hours = 600 hrs   

*project work to be carried out during internship


  1. Internship means 8 hours of integrated clinical duties in which 2 weeks of evening and night shift duties are included.
  2. Internship should be carried out as 8 hours per day @ 48 hours per week.
  3. Students during internship will be supervised by nursing teachers.
  4. Students will be eligible to appear in the fourth year final examination only after completion of Internship (24 weeks).

General Rules and Regulations

For Students

  • Courteous behavior with teaching, non-teaching staff and college mates is appreciated.
  • Cleanliness is godliness. Please help to maintain the campus clean.
  • Loitering on the campus is not appreciated.
  • Attending classes regularly is the hallmark of a good student.
  • Silence is a virtue especially in the library, classrooms, laboratories and corridors.
  • Careful handling of books and laboratory equipments is the safest way to escape from penal actions.
  • Lawns and plants expect nothing but appreciation from you from a distance.
  • Regularity ensures attendance and admission ticket to the examination hall.
  • Taking all the assignments and tests will ensure good internal marks.
  • Parking vehicles in designated spots is a mark of discipline.

For Parents / Guardians:

  • Attending parent teachers meetings ensures both growth of the institution and good performance of the wards.
  • Please take an active interest in the progress of the ward. Kindly meet the heads of the departments to know the attendance and performance of your children.
  • Please encourage your ward to take an active part in co-curricular and extra curricular activities of the college.
  • Kindly support your wards even if some programmes cost an additional fee.
  • Please see that the student takes all the tests and exams.
  • Kindly send your ward to special classes if held on Sundays or holidays.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct For Students

    • A Student needs a minimum of 80% attendance in each subject to be eligible to  take university exams.
    • The Principal should be satisfied with the character and conduct of the student for her to take the exams.
    • Students should abide by the rules and regulations of the college, given in the application form.
    • Fees once paid, will not be refunded.
    • Formal dress is recommended.
    • Mobile phones are not encouraged inside the class room.

To Parents

    • Please remember to get in touch with us, at least once in a month, to know the progress of your ward.
    • Please remember that, your attention can make a world of difference, to your ward’s academic performance.


Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care (NPCC) Post Graduate Residency Program