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Prof.S.Kanaka Lakshmi, M.Sc.,(Nursing)


GITAM School of Nursing

The Nursing profession is the noblest of all professions and in great demand globally. It offers a highly rewarding career which is influenced by advances in science and technology to create a balance in health care. Nursing is an extremely demanding occupation that encompasses a wide array of challenges. Caring for ailing patients is more than just a career. As the patient’s needs for a caring environment become more demanding and complex, nurses need to attain the requisite competencies to deliver high quality care.

The GITAM school of Nursing prepares dedicated and expert nurses. The programme builds the foundation for life-long professional learning and develops critical thinking, problem solving in the students while motivating them to take up responsibility and professional effectiveness in health care.

The profession involves selfless devotion and high degree of professional competency in keeping with latest technological advances in the field of nursing. It is committed to providing the students with a wide variety of opportunities in order to help them to attain their highest potential.

I am an avid supporter of effective and innovative development that encourages teachers to be inspirational and reflective in providing quality teaching and learning for each student. My role as a Principal is to keep up with the latest trends in research, and be an active partner in professional development.

I extend a hearty welcome to all the students who are joining the school, and offer my best wishes for success in their career efforts to usher in knowledge in meeting the challenges posed by the global economy.